söndag, januari 26, 2014

I rörelse - In motion

Idag ville jag citera Karin Boye på engelska men kunde inte hitta en fin översättning, så jag översatte själv. Blev faktiskt lite förälskad i mitt flyt.
I wanted to quote Karin Boye in English, but could not find a worthy translation, so I translated myself. And fell in love with the result.

In motion
The sated day is never first,
The greatest day is a day of thirst.

There may be aim and meaning of our path
- but it is the way, which is the worth to last.

The greatest aim is a night-long rest,
where the fire is lit and the bread shared in haste.

In places one sleeps only once,
the sleep is safe and the dream full of bunce.

Break up, break up! A new day is light.
Our great adventure has no end in sight.

Original: I rörelse (and various English translations).

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